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Minnesota beer stores

Blue Max Liquors, 14640 10th Ave., 612-432-3350
  Most beer kept chilled, more than 600 different beers. "4,500 square feet, 4,500 items."

Warehouse Liquor Store, 104 West Central Entrance, 218-722-5611
  More than 400 micro or import beers available as singles or six packs

Liquor Depot, 1010 Washington Ave. South, 612-339-4040
  More than 500 beers. Hosts beer tastings, brings in speakers. Full-size, walk-in cooler.

Surdyk's, 303 E. Hennepin, 612-379-3232
  More than 600 beers. 12,000 square feet of selling space, evenly divided between wine, beer and spirits. Opened in 1934, has been stocking good beer for at least 15 years.

Zipp's Liquor Store, 2618 E Franklin Ave., 612-333-8686

Waite Park
Westside Discount Liquors, 45 Waite Ave. South, 612-253-9511
  More than 500 beers.

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