Caribbean Brew And Popular Destinations For The Beer Aficionado

If you plan to go to the Caribbean soon, for some sand and sun, you should make it a point to order some of their local beers. They usually have pale lager, stout and malta (which is non-alcoholic). Their beers vary based on location, as each company likes to add a unique twist that represents their location perfectly. Here are some of the most popular beers in the Caribbean, and a few great places to go to for craft beer as well.

Top Caribbean Beers

Here are a few of the most popular beers in the Caribbean. Each one has a distinct aroma and flavor that represents their locations perfectly. Please note that this is arranged at random.

Wadadli BeerWadadli (Antigua)

Wadadli is a pale lager that goes down quite easily. It is refreshing and light. Wadadli is an alternative name for Antigua and goes well with seafood. It has a 4.8% alcohol volume and is created from desalinated seawater.

10 Saints Beer10 Saints (Barbados)

If you are torn between beer and rum, this beverage will let you enjoy both. Launched in 2012, this handcrafted beer is aged using Mount gay Rum casks. This allows you to enjoy beer that has hints of oak and rum. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a place that is more or less the home of rum.

Prestige BeerPrestige (Haiti)

Prestige is Haiti’s pride and joy, as it is their only native beer. It is pale yellow in color, has a hint of herbs and smells sweet as well.This is an American-style lager and it won the gold medal in the that category at the World Beer Cup in 2000 [PDF].

Carib BeerCarib (Trinidad and Tobago)

If you want tequila and beer at the same time, Carib will give you just that. This local brew is light and goes down quite easy. It has a subtle hint of tequila, making it a great drink for the person who wants to have more than one adult beverage without the nasty post-binge hangover.

Kubuli BeerKubuli (Dominica)

If you crave German lager, you will love Kubuli. This beverage is light and amber-colored. It is a German-style lager is made with natural spring water and it bagged a gold medal at the Monde Selection of 2002.

Blackbeard Ale from the Virgin IslandsBlackbeard Ale (St. Croix and the U.S. Virgin Islands)

If you prefer English pale ale this is the perfect brew for you. Blackbeard Ale has hints of heavy malt and rum, making it quite delicious. It goes well with various seafood and meats. However, if we were to be very honest, you could have it on its own and still feel sated.

Stag Beer - Trinidad & TobagoStag (Trinidad and Tobago)

This beer is popular because it has quite a kick. With 5.5%alcohol content, the heavy drinker could get quite a buzz after 2 bottles. You will also like how it tastes of vegetables and citrus. While it is known to be a “man’s beer”, many females will love its subtle aroma and rich flavor.

Red Stripe BeerRed Stripe (Jamaica)

Red Stripe is the ultimate Caribbean beer, as it goes perfectly with the weather and the cuisine. It is a full-flavored pale lager that goes down smoothly. Most natives will tell you that it is best served with pork or chicken. However, in our opinion, this beverage goes quite well with anything or nothing.

Presidente BeerPresidente (Dominican Republic)

This is the national beer of the Dominican Republic. It is amazingly light and has a sweet aftertaste. It is a great thirst quencher and palate cleanser after a heavy meal. There is nothing fancy about Presidente beer. However, you will feel the malt and the hops used to create this straightforward German-style  lager.

Great Caribbean Hangouts For Superb Beers

The Caribbean has more than its fair share of craft beer aficionados. We should add that these places are the most popular ones. We might even be so bold as to say that it has improved tourism in their respective locations.

The Bahamas

If you go to the Bahamas, do not miss a chance to visit the Bahamian Brewery in Freeport. This will allow you to see how their Sands Light, Sands and Strong Black Stout are made. You can also sample some in their beer garden. If you don’t have time to do so, you can still enjoy them at local establishments, as these beers are distributed throughout the island.


If you plan on visiting Aruba soon, you might want to visit the  Brouwerij Nacional Balashi’s Beer Garden in Barcadera. They serve delicious Balashi Beer and Balashi Chill. This light beer goes well with the humid weather, making it perfect for meals by the sea.

These beers and local Caribbean hangouts are perfect for the aficionado who craves variety. If you are looking for a reason to visit more Caribbean islands, look no further – will be able to provide you with everything you need – from the best Caribbean hangouts to the perfect wedding abroad.

The Best Beer Places In Dubai

Beer enthusiasts looking for the best places to take a holiday should consider traveling to Dubai.  There you will find many famous places where you can enjoy your love of beer, and have a great time doing so.

The Irish Village

irish-villageIf you are looking for a true Irish experience, this is the place for you. Irish pubs are known for their friendly atmosphere, beer, and a place that feels like home.  This pub is designed just like the traditional Irish wooden pubs.  You can sit inside at the bar or you may choose to sit outside on the terrace. The terrace offers a beautiful view of the gardens and the lakes.
This establishment was designed using Irish craftsmanship, using materials that were shipped to Dubai, and reassembled at the site. Even the paving stones are Irish, coming from Liscannor, located on the west coast of Ireland.
When you walk into The Irish Village, you can have the bartender set you up with a pint on Guiness. This establishment also offers a full menu. You may want to eat light, saving room for beer, and order one of the many appetizers on the menu. For a true Irish experience, you can try the Irish cheese and soda bread platter. If that appetizer sounds like too much, try their amazing Caprese salad. When you are looking for more than an appetizer, The Irish Village offers a full lunch and dinner menu.  They also have a full wine list, for members of your party who do not appreciate beer the way that you do.
Whether you are eating, or just having a few drinks, you can sit back and relax to the live Irish music of Drew Jones and the Maplejacks, Steve Walton, Martin J Carre, or Kara Gray. The excellent musical skills of these performers offers a true Irish experience.

Barasti Beach Bar

Barasti-barBarasti has everything that you need for a good time out, all under one roof. Whether you want to enjoy food at the casual restaurant, have a drink in the sun at the beach bar, or watch live sports while you relax, this is the place for you.
When you arrive at  Barasti, you can choose a wine from the extensive wine list, one of the many beers on tap, or a unique mixed drink from the cocktail list.
If it is food that you are looking for, you will be sure to find something that you like on Barasti’s lunch and dinner menu. You can start with an appetizer, or move right to the main course. The pizza is amazing, the burgers are to die for, and even the pickiest eater will find something on the main entrée menu that they will love. If you are enjoying a romantic lunch or dinner, order one of the “Sharing Plate for 2″ dishes.  If you visit  Barasti after the summer months, come in while they are serving breakfast. It is a great way to start your day.
Sports fan will not miss a thing at Barasti. The giant LED screen allows you to watch all of the latest sporting action from Premier League to the Rugby Championship.
This all-in-one facility is a great way to spend a night or two while on your Dubai holidays.

Buddha Bar

buddha-bar-dubaiYou cannot take a holiday in Dubai without visiting Buddha Bar at least once.  It is rated one of Dubai’s best restaurants and bars. The two story restaurant offers amazing food, fancy cocktails, a full wine list, and a long list of beer on tap. If you want to sit down for a nice meal, the menu at Buddha Bar is inspired by the cuisines of China, Japan, and Thailand. The expert chefs use fresh seasonal ingredients straight from Arabia.
Once inside the Buddha bar, you can admire the gilded statue which stands four meters high, and the 20 meter wall of glass. While enjoying the view, you can enjoy music from world renowned DJ’s.

Crowne Plaza – The Festival City

crowne plaza in the festival cityIf your idea of the perfect vacation is relaxing at a gorgeous hotel, having your choice of three onsite restaurants, including the Belgian Beer Café Dubai, and playing a few rounds of golf, you should stay at the Crowne Plaza in the Festival City.
Visitors who purchase a Stay and Play Package can enjoy the hotel and all its amenities, while getting discounted rates on the green, which was designed by Robert Trent Jones II, a renowned golf architect.

If you want to get away from the hotel for a day so that you can see a bit of Dubai, there are many attractions in very close proximity. You can visit the Dubai Museum, the Wild Wadi Waterpark, or any of the other six attractions that are nearby. After a day of exploring, head back to your room for a relaxing evening, or hit up one of restaurants who offer live music. A holiday at Crowne Plaza offers everything that you could possibly want, all under one roof.

Dubai is famous for its bars, restaurants, hotels, and night life.  To make the most out of your holiday, consider Dubai holidays.